Customer Analytics
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Customer Analytics
  • Customer Lifetime Value

    Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is a prediction of the net value attributed to the future relationship with a customer. Leveraging the CLV concept, you can derive benefits in budgeting, segmentation and prioritization so as to effectively manage customer acquisition or customer retention. Customer Lifetime Value ultimately helps you in forecasting and improving the overall health of your company.

    Our experts can help:
    1. Leverage CLV in calculating the payback from ad spends and help with effective marketing mix modeling.
    2. Understanding what you may spend for customer acquisition and customer retention, profitably.
    3. Predict the most profitable group of customers, understand those customers? common characteristics, and focus more on them rather than on less profitable customers.
    4. Establish how one could offer products and services tailored for one?s best customers?
    5. Improve sales effectiveness by highlighting the types of customers sales reps should spend the most time with.
Customer Analytics Expert
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Fixed Price - Est. Time: 2 months,

We are desirous of increasing the conversions amongst the unique visitors that come to our website each day. We capture basic prospecting data about our visitors and would like to leverage that data to increase our leads/sales. We are looking at agencies that could help us with a tangible improvement with a short term project. Subsequently, we could convert this into long term retainership based contract.