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Customer Analytics
  • Next Best Action

    Next-best-action is a customer-centric marketing paradigm that combines operational and market data with analytics and seeks to understand each individual customer so as to present them with relevant offers based on what makes sense for them to buy as determined by the customer’s interests and the marketing organization’s business objectives.
    The approach that Next Best Action adopts is in contrast to traditional marketing approaches that first create a proposition for a product or service and then attempt to find interested and eligible prospects for that proposition.

    For instance, a bank?s officials can leverage analytics over transactional, lifecycle status, and other insights about a customer to help determine that the next best action is to offer a credit card customer a home loan at a lower rate than the competition.

    Our experts can help:
    1. Acquire the right customers.
    2. Offer the right products that a customer may need next and offer a great shopping experience.
    3. Propose relevant offers tailored to a customer?s requirement
Customer Analytics Expert
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We are desirous of increasing the conversions amongst the unique visitors that come to our website each day. We capture basic prospecting data about our visitors and would like to leverage that data to increase our leads/sales. We are looking at agencies that could help us with a tangible improvement with a short term project. Subsequently, we could convert this into long term retainership based contract.