Our Story

Cogniticx is a discovery platform for data science consulting services, aimed at democratizing the consumption and delivery of data sciences the world over.

For Clients who need these services, Cogniticx aims to play a stellar role in bringing down the cost of adoption of Data Sciences as well as improve success rates due to its razor sharp focus on delivering outcomes. Cogniticx aims to deliver this success with its disruptive business model wherein Clients could opt for an on demand, outcome-based analytics adoption, one which is agnostic of the analytics application used and the skills required to run it.

For our partner Service Providers, Cogniticx creates opportunities by helping them reach out to their most likely customers, which they’d not been able to reach independently and unlock the “Latent Value of their Talent”. The Data Scientists could monetize their skills and time better, facilitated by this efficient matching mechanism enabled by Cogniticx.

It aims to help the rising entrepreneurial aspirations of a young global population by facilitating a new generation of entrepreneurs - “The DataPreneurs” who typically start as freelancers on the platform, but eventually may branch out as boutique data science firms, fostering innovation at the grassroot level”.

Promod Sharma

Co-Founder and CEO


Promod has led Technology teams at Reliance and Sprint in a career spanning over 30+ years.

A Technology leader with a keen sense of business, he was spearheading the Reliance Infra group’s Analytics Advisory Team.

As the Technology head of a USD 2 bn. operation, he had been pivotal in major Tech driven business transformations.

Rishi Bagga

Co-Founder and COO


Rishi has led large Business Transformational engagements leveraging Analytics and Information Technology at Corporations and Conglomerates across a gamut of verticals such as Automotive, Auto-Ancillary, Energy & Utilities, Consumer Goods, Retail and Process.

As the Director for Manufacturing and Energy business at SAS Inc. he has over a decade of experience evangelizing the adoption of Analytics and has successfully scaled up the business. Rishi has equal dexterity at strategic dialogues in the boardroom as well as contextual and tactical discussions with the user groups.

His significant area of contribution and success has been building capability and developing people to create and address greenfield opportunities for sustained and enduring organizational success.