Gig Hiring

Data Science & Digital Technologies

Gig Hiring Services

Project Deliveries

  • Program managed by Cogniticx.
  • Project based Contractual Hiring.
  • Scale up and down with project requirements.
  • Self sustained teams architected to deliver a project mandate.
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Proof of Concepts

  • Program managed by Cogniticx.
  • Committed availabilities for those critical POCs.
  • Support for expedited requirements.
  • Support for startups for On-demand talent scale up for product and service delivery.

Short Term Projects

  • Program managed by Cogniticx.
  • Short-fuse deployment.
  • Support for short term projects.
  • Easily create and disband a team.

Team Augmentations

  • Program managed by Cogniticx.
  • Large cross technology pool of resources.
  • Support for expedited requirements.Leverage gig hiring to scale up on demand.
  • Technology driven talent ratification and assessment.
  • Cost effective so as to optimize cash burn.
  • Aligns with the business continuity strategy.
  • Nimble – seamless process with least administrative overhead.
  • Agile – easy to respond to altering market realities.

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How it works

Completely Managed Process
  1. SHARE the requirement with Cogniticx SPOC
  2. Receivemultiple options
  3. SHORTLIST & deploy
  • GIG Hiring with Cogniticx is a 100% managed process with zero administrative overhead from the clients.
  • Simply share your requirements with our SPOC, Address any clarifications, Lay back and relax!
  • our AI engine does the algorithmic skill matching.
  • Reverse auction is executed so you get your skills at your price.
  • Within 72-96 hours Cogniticx SPOC will revert with profile options, optimized for skills, experience and budget.
  • Simply screen, shortlist & deploy.

Rigorous Assessments


Human-machine interface: selecting the right talent can’t be left to the machines alone. hence, we put in the rigour to eyeball every profile.

Algorithimic Scoring

Our AI engine then adds our secret sauce to it – The Algo Scoring

Tie-ups for Third Party Assessments

We bake in the option of third-party assessments should they be preferred by our clients

Tie-ups for Background Verifications

Background verifications are of course available.

Executive Interlock

"A talent platform that curates best in class data science talent, one that clients and partners could leverage, ondemand, and source talent or outcome based projects for their business requirements"