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    Geographic Data Visualization, also known as Geovisualization refers to the analysis of geospatial data by deploying interactive visualizations. Geographic data visualization addresses the visual exploration, analysis and representation of geospatial data by integrating approaches such as those from cartography with other information representation techniques.

    Our experts can help leverage Geographic Visualizations to help with:
    • Next best dealer/store/branch/ATM locations
    • Localizing technical/service issues thereby optimizing the service operations
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Fixed Price - Est. Time: 1 month,

1. We have LN software impkemented which is not indication proper analytics and visualiztion of business parameters

2. We'd like to have those parameters, visually and also in Excel.

3. The buisness parameters that we want to track are from order booking to collection. 

Fixed Price - Est. Time: 1 month,

We have two plant which we manufacture over 500 items. At both two plants operations run in 2 shifts. Both plant have capability to manufacture all 500 items, but the costs to manufacture is differnt at both plant.

Our senior mangement want to have dshboard that give visibiity:

1. What is made at which plant

2. Costs to manufacture item wise

3. Best production plan that will ensure products are made at the cheapest price

4. Ability to change the plan and see 

Experts whi can help, please get in touch.