• Kansu Jai Prakash Rao

    Marketing Analytics/Master Data and Information Management/Operations Analytics/Retail Analytics/Visualizations & Reporting
    150 /hr
    6th Phase, KPHB, Hyderabad, India - 09:59am local time
o Preparing Inventory Dashboard and tracker
o Planning and monitoring
o Evaluating NLC, FSP, MRP
o Inventory accounting and valuation (reporting): Preparing in
according to daily inventory reports, rack space left for the weekly
basis where the team can accommodate. Updating the Contract of
multiple Venders and mapping.
o Rigorous big data analysis: Analyzing the data of the multiple
categories in adhere to generate Sales report and monitor sales
performance of the Category with respect to the age of the
o Review of SOPs and ensuring adherence: Review the ageof
Inventory and ask the Categories to push which also involve
planning along with multiple categories.
o Coordinating with different team: Generating Purchase Order,
communicating with Venders in case of Return Order, slotting,
o Quality check:Evaluating the ordered quantity within the
guidance of Industry parameters.
o Eliciting Requirement: Upgrading the evaluation andmonitoring
process within the team.
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