• Diogo Ribeiro

    Risk & Fraud Analytics/Visualizations & Reporting
    Rua Principal 958, Portugal - 10:17am local time
Data Scientist combining classical statistical approaches with more modern machine learning methods.

I\'m a data scientist with 5 years of experience in research and in leading new software projects, data mining and machine learning. I enjoy working on using Big Data stream mining and large-scale data analysis to gain insights from Big Data. I design and build applications on real-time data mining, at the intersection of mathematics, data science, algorithms, and business.
I have two degrees in mathematics, one in Pure Mathematics and the other in Applied Mathematics. This degrees gave me an solid mathematical preparation, skills and ingenuity in mathematical modeling techniques like machine learning, computer fluid dynamics, data mining, time series and regression that can suit a wide range of applications in various branches of economy and industry and facilitated the use of computational and numerical techniques applications. With excellent skills in computer simulation using Monte Carlo methods.

My main areas of expertise and interest are:
- Applied Mathematics(Data Science, Probability and Statistics)
- Machine Learning algorithms (Python - scikit-learn, pandas, numpy, scipy; R)
- Applied Data Science (credit risk finance, stock market, portfolio management, V@R, ES and CV@R)
- Optimisation Modeller
- Deterministic Models like population models or CFD (in C and Fortran)
- Big Data(Hadoop, Scala/Figaro and SQL, Spark for Apache Server)

I like working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal in a good group spirit.
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