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Operations Analytics
  • Inventory Analytics

    Inventory Analysis & Optimization, put simply, is a technique to balance capital requirements and constraints with service-level goals while managing demand and supply volatility. Conceptually, this is achieved by having the right amount of inventory, in just the right places, to meet customer service and revenue goals.

    Radical improvements in demand and inventory synchronization could be brought about with an accurate, data-led forecast that aids in balancing inventory with demand.

    Our experts can help:
    1. Reduce inventory significantly, in some representative cases by 10% ? 30%
    2. Boost your bottomline by offering insights into supply and demand dynamics to prevent lost sales or excess stocks.
    3. Deploy capital more efficiently by reducing inventory carrying costs and unlocking working capital from unnecessary inventory buffers.
    4. Achieve larger number of inventory turns.
    5. Leverage predictive modeling in Inventory Analysis and perform what-if analysis to establish the impact of different variables on the supply/demand balance.
    6. Achieve lower obsolescence rates while increasing customer service performance.
Operations Analytics Expert
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2. We'd like to have those parameters, visually and also in Excel.

3. The buisness parameters that we want to track are from order booking to collection. 

Fixed Price - Est. Time: 2 months,

We need to predict the demand for a particular category of merchandise. As of now we don't have a hang of how much to produce.

Fixed Price - Est. Time: 1.5 months,

We are looking at expert Data Scientists/firms who could work on helping out with service demand forecasting at service type level. 2 years of granular historical data sets shall be provided for the same. Teams with experience in the domain may bid/reach-out with queries, if any.   

Fixed Price - Est. Time: 1 month,

We need help with our inventory planning. More details to be shared. Interested partie please contact

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i want to develop a code for monte carlo ray tracing for parabolic trough collector