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Operations Analytics
  • Quality Analytics

    That quality issues erode margins by leading to higher production costs, lower production yields, higher scrap rates and increased service issues, is very well established. Organizations have a scarcity of resources and tools to analyze process variables that can have the largest impact on quality. We could help you discover Quality Analytics experts that help you make the most out of limited resources by identifying and addressing issues that have the greatest impact on costs and customers.

    Our experts can help:
    1. Consistently improve product/process reliability leading to delighted customers and improved bottomline.
    2. Help reduce operating costs by leveraging sophisticated Quality Analytics for control measurement, monitoring, tracking and reporting of Quality issues.
    3. Facilitate generating optimized maintenance cycles in order to lower O&M costs while increasing asset uptimes.
    4. Assist you perform root-cause analyses to troubleshoot and address exploding issues faster than what it takes to build your capabilities in-house.
    5. Enable you harness your machine sensor data to predict unscheduled downtimes in advance.
Operations Analytics Expert
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Fixed Price - Est. Time: 1 month,

1. We have LN software impkemented which is not indication proper analytics and visualiztion of business parameters

2. We'd like to have those parameters, visually and also in Excel.

3. The buisness parameters that we want to track are from order booking to collection. 

Fixed Price - Est. Time: 1 month,

We need help with our inventory planning. More details to be shared. Interested partie please contact

Fixed Price - Est. Time: 2 months,

We need to predict the demand for a particular category of merchandise. As of now we don't have a hang of how much to produce.

Fixed Price - Est. Time: 1.5 months,

We are looking at expert Data Scientists/firms who could work on helping out with service demand forecasting at service type level. 2 years of granular historical data sets shall be provided for the same. Teams with experience in the domain may bid/reach-out with queries, if any.   

Fixed Price - Est. Time: 10 days,
i want to develop a code for monte carlo ray tracing for parabolic trough collector