analyzing and interpreting complex data sets makes me happy, and I am known for being flexible, resourceful, and for achieving goals while maintaining a positive outlook. Expertise in Statistical models and machine learning algorithms.
I\'m Sai, an adept, analytical, and detail-oriented Data Science Professional and freelancer with over 4 years of academic & Research experience in Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Big Data Technologies and around 4 years of work experience in Data Collection, Preparation, Exploration, Model building and Evaluation and Data Visualization.Good in delivering research-based, experimenting with predictive models and explanatory analysis to discover meaningful patterns and data-driven solutions that move organisational visions forward.
Successfully completed a number of freelance projects on upwork, toptal and worked in different industries
Capable of turning dry analysis into an exciting visualization story using data visualization tools that influence the direction of the business and communicating with diverse teams to take a project from start to finish.
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