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Risk & Fraud Analytics
  • Banking Fraud Analytics

    Fraud in banking has the potential to cause serious business loss. Fraudulent activity can arise from bank employees and customers alike. Analytical insights from transaction data, employee and other sources can help identify fraud in billing, cash and cheque transactions.

    Banks are constantly faced with challenges related to balancing opportunity and risk while adhering to increasing regulatory demands. Multiple advanced techniques for fraud analytics in banking provide the foundation for strong fraud prevention programs by analyzing transactions and customer activity, developing new models and fine-tuning existing ones to improve fraud detection efficiency.

    Our experts can help with:
    1. Leveraging multiple analytic techniques to flag suspicious activities for review.
    2. Risk Scoring of all kinds of transactions to analyze payment behavior.
    3. Detecting abnormal patterns that may indicate previously unknown fraud.
    4. Predictive modeling to uncover new fraud based on previous fraud profiles.
    5. Advanced statistical modeling, deterministic and associative analysis of multiple parties to identify repeat offenders and mitigate fraud in its tracks, before it occurs.
    6. Quarantining suspicious transactions such as cash movements just under regulatory reporting thresholds or large number of cash transfers by Customer Id and account.
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