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Web Analytics
  • A/B & Multivariate Testing

    A/B Testing

    AB testing, also referred to as split testing, is a method of website optimization in which the conversion rates of two versions of a page ? version A and version B ? are compared to one another using live traffic. The two versions of a web page have traffic split evenly between them and you can change any variable you want from page to page to arrive at the one that works best for a give objective/KPI.

    Multivariate Testing

    Multivariate testing uses the same core mechanism as A B testing, but compares a higher number of variables, and reveals more information about how these variables interact with one another. The point of the multivariate test is to give you an idea of which elements on a web page play the biggest role in letting you achieve the objective of that page.
    The multivariate tests is more complicated and best suited for more advanced marketing testing in so far as the interaction of the variables with one another is concerned.

    Our experts can help:
    1. Test the effectiveness of various design stories, quickly
    2. Target design efforts to the elements of your page that have the most impact.
    3. A/B testing is also a good way to introduce the concept of optimization through testing to a skeptical team, as it can quickly demonstrate the quantifiable impact of a simple design
    4. You could leverage Advanced analytics for each variation in individual design elements
Web Analytics Expert
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Fixed Price - Est. Time: 1 month,

Please see the attached SOW. We are seeking talented CRO freelancers who could help us with our conversion rates for new product sales. We'd like to try out the services on a project basis and then scale it up as an ongoing assigment on a retainership basis.

Only qualified freelenacers should apply. 

Fixed Price - Est. Time: 3 months,

Web Scrapping Programmers:

·        As a Python Developer, your role is to apply your knowledge set to fetch data from multiple online sources, cleanse it and build APIs on top of it

·        Develop a deep understanding of our vast data sources on the web and know exactly how, when, and which data to scrap, parse and store this data

·        Work closely with Database Administrators to store data in SQL and NoSQL databases

·        Develop frameworks for automating and maintaining the constant flow of data from multiple sources

·        Work independently with little supervision to research and test innovative solutions

Skills and Qualifications:

·        Strong coding experience in Python (knowledge of Java, Javascript is a plus)

·        Experience with SQL databases

·        Experience with multi-processing, multi-threading and AWS/Azure

·        Strong knowledge of scraping frameworks such as Python(Request, BeautifulSoup), Web-Harvest and others

·        Previous experience with web crawling is a must


  • 1 to 2 years

Job location:

  • Bangalore/Chennai/ Hyderabad


  • 3 months. May get extended.


  • immediate
Fixed Price - Est. Time: 1 week,

Looking for visual representation of our analytics of past 3 years to understand the customer behaviour. We will provide complete access to our analytics account. Do let me know if you need any specific details to present this report. We will provide complete access to our analytics account. Do let me know if you need any specific details to present this report.

Fixed Price - Est. Time: 2 months,

We are desirous of increasing the conversions amongst the unique visitors that come to our website each day. We capture basic prospecting data about our visitors and would like to leverage that data to increase our leads/sales. We are looking at agencies that could help us with a tangible improvement with a short term project. Subsequently, we could convert this into long term retainership based contract.