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4+ Years of Experience in BIG DATA
  • 500+ /hr
  • India
Hi ,This is Arijit; Sr. Data Scientist at Nokia Data Science Laboratory. Finding meaning (hidden pattern) out of data is my passion. Passion and sincerity has always given me success in whatever proje... read more
  • 1,200+ /hr
  • India
FN MathLogic Verified  (FN MathLogic )
MathLogic is a niche AIML training and consulting company working towards bringing the cutting edge AIML tools and techniques to its client. MathLogic helps clients move forward in their adoption of A... read more
  • 10,000+ /hr
  • India
Arvind Patel Verified
Looking for freelance projects. Currently working as a Data scientist- AI at Travelers Insurance . Interested in fraud and risk analytics
  • 0+ /hr
  • India
Vikas Mittal Verified
Vikas is an experienced Data Scientist, having more than 17+ years of experience in field of Data Science, Deep Learning, Big Data, Data Analytics, Cloud and DevOps. He is also a Google Authorized Ins... read more
  • 4,000+ /hr
  • India
Neeshu Agarwal Verified
Data science & Analytics professional and NLP enthusiast with 3.5+ years of experience
  • 600+ /hr
  • India
Sachit Nagpal Verified
Due to the growing number of problems being solved by data science (and the enormous number of problems that are yet to be solved by it), I decided to pursue my career in the field. My inclination for... read more
  • 400+ /hr
  • India
Devleena Bhattacharjee Verified
I help businesses understand their data better. I provide data driven intelligence for increasing revenue, decreasing costs and optimising operations. I have successfully built complete data architec... read more
  • 1,500+ /hr
  • India