What is the offer?

Cash rewards of upto Rs 65,00,000 up for grabs!

Everyone who registers is eligible for Cash Rewards.

Cash Rewards have 3 Categories: MEGA, BONANZA and PRIME

  • One Mega cash reward of Rs. 10,00,000.
  • Multiple bonanza cash rewards starting Rs. 1,00,000 and its multiples.
  • Numerous prime cash rewards beginning Rs. 500 upto Rs. 50,000

Simple and easy –
Every 10th ,100th, 1000th, 10000th,100000th registrant will get a guaranteed cash reward.

Cash rewards will increase in amount, successively.

Register Now and Win

How do I win?

Simply register at www.cogniticx.com for an individual data science service partner account.

Complete your profile in all aspects. This is critical! Incomplete profiles will be disqualified.

Ensure you have a registered Paytm wallet app with verified KYC.

If you’re the the winner, the cash reward will be credited to paytm wallet as paytm cash.

The earliest registrants will get the maximum chances to win the mega and bonanza cash rewards. So the earlier you register the more your chances to win big.

Register Now and Win

Terms and Conditions

  1. This offer is brought by Cogniticx ® Astutrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd., hereafter referred as the company.
  2. Validity of the offer is from Nov1’20 - Feb28’ 21.
  3. Offer valid only for Individual Data Scientists/Data Engineers/Data architects/Data Visualization experts/Data Analysts etc. who are Indian nationals.
  4. All individual data science partner profiles registered during this period will be eligible for the rewards.
  5. Scheme is not applicable for agency partner registrations.
  6. Registrations are free as of now. So there is no entry fee! However, the same maybe be made chargeable going forward.
  7. Fresh registrations maybe stopped at any time. hence registering early ensures you a chance to win.
  8. All registrants will be eligible for Prime cash rewards applicable for a registration level.
  9. All participants will also be eligible for the final Mega and multiple Bonanza cash rewards that’ll run through the offer period. Hence, the earlier one registers the more the chances of winning big.
  10. All incomplete profiles will be disqualified. The profile will have to all the below details to be eligible:
    • Name
    • Email id
    • Mobile number
    • LinkedIn profile
    • Work experience
    • Hourly rate
    • Portfolio of your work
    • Bank account details
    • PAN Card details
  11. Only one entry per individual data science partner s permitted.
  12. Any attempts to game the system will result in automatic disqualification and the company will claw back any cash awards won already and also disqualify the chance to win the mega or bonanza cash rewards.
  13. The company and the management reserves all rights to disqualify any individual for any of the reasons cited or not cited above.
  14. The cash reward will be credited to an individual’s PAYtm wallet as Paytm cash.
  15. The Mega and bonanza cash rewards will be handed over a formal televised event, either online or offline and the decision of the company will be final in this regard.
  16. The company takes no responsibility if the Cash Rewards are credited to incorrect Paytm wallets or Bank accounts due to any reason including the participant furnishing incorrect details.
  17. The scheme can be rolled back at anytime by the company at its sole discretion, prior to or post declaration of a payout.
  18. No disputes will be entertained and the decision of the company and its management will be final and binding.
  19. No litigation can be brought against the company and its directors, employees, officials wrt to any aspect of this offer. This offer is purely voluntary and you participate with your full knowledge and there is no coercion.
Register Now and Win