Vikas is an experienced Data Scientist, having more than 17+ years of experience in field of Data Science, Deep Learning, Big Data, Data Analytics, Cloud and DevOps. He is also a Google Authorized Instructor on Data Engineering and certified in multiple other technologies. He has also delivered trainings to Google Employees and Walmart Labs employees in domain of Machine Learning and Deep Learning using GCP. He has great experience working with some of the latest frameworks like Tensorflow, Tensorflow.js, MS Azure ML Studio, GCP MLE etc.

He has played a major role in some Data Science Use cases like Fraud Detection, NLP, Social Media Analytics, Voter\'s Perception, Customer Segmentation, Face recognization, recommendation systems etc. He is presently working as the Chief Data Scientist in 360DigitalTransformation, a company that specialises in Trainings and Consulting in space of Digital Technologies.

He graduated from Delhi College of Engineering in 2001 and worked with multiple companies like Infosys, American Express, Headstrong, Sunlife, Xebia in various capacities.
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