• Niraj Kumar

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning/Marketing Analytics
    2000 /hr
    Gurgaon, India, India - 05:05am local time
15 years of experience in delivering software projects in various domains like Telecom (Wireless and Wired Network), Commercial Pharma and Wealth Management using AI/Machine Learning, Big Data, and Web/Mobile Technologies.
?Experience of implementing Machine Learning projects like NLP, Topic Modeling, Text Indexing, Prediction Models, Churn Prediction, NER, Gesture Recognition.
?Hands-on Experience of supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms like Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, SVM, Random Forest, Clustering, PCA, LSA, NLP, and Deep Learning, LSTM, GRU.
?Experience of implementing Big Data Projects like building Data Lakes from scratch, Data Migration from RDBMS system to Big Data/NoSQL using Scala/Spark, Cassandra, Hive, HDFS, SpliceMachine, Neo4J
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