I help businesses understand their data better. I provide data driven intelligence for increasing revenue, decreasing costs and optimising operations.
I have successfully built complete data architectures from scratch integrating disparate data sources, filtering and analysing data, drawing insight, creating custom dashboards and reports.

Major work includes,
1) Identified areas of opportunity to improve business ROI, increase revenue, decrease costs.
2) Architected, developed, and deployed exploratory and predictive analytics tools.
3) Analysed, integrated and mined large datasets to draw patterns/inferences
3) Provided exploratory and predictive analysis.
4) Developed and delivered custom dashboards, reports, and portal views for monitoring
5) Ensured data quality and accuracy by working collaboratively across the organisation.

I advise and use technology that is the best fit to the business at hand which varies from open source to proprietary software.
My expertise includes Python, R, Matlab, Talend, AWS RDS, AWS S3, AWS Kinesis, AWS Athena, AWS Glue, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Google Data Studio, Jaspersoft and more.
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