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Social Media Analytics
  • Text & Contextual Analytics

    Contextual analysis is simply a form of text analytics within the context of its circumstantial, historical or cultural setting. Unstructured data, that is the subject matter of Contextual Analytics, can be unwieldy, but is also loaded with potential value given the fact that one has the capability to harness it.

    It?s a technique that leverages the classical pillars of text mining viz. Natural Language Processing, tokenization, part-of-speech tagging etc. to produce some path breaking results and neglecting the same could lead to disastrous consequences such as missing important business insights, customer voice, emerging trends or even early signs of potential problems.

    Our experts can help:
    1. Potential customers perception of your products or business.
    2. Analyze textual data to highlight the product features your customers are likely to prefer.
    3. Understand the benign trends that are rife with potential/threats for your business
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