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Retail Analytics
  • Dynamic Pricing & Optimization

    In the world of intense competition, blurring channels and changing consumer behavior, attaining the golden supply-demand balance is not always so simple in practice. Retailers are caught between the dual objectives of maximizing margins while clearing their merchandise.

    As a result it has become imperative for them to get more precise with their markdown strategy, and control the depth and timing of markdown to react better to store-level inventory.
    For leading retailers, dynamic pricing could lead the way in optimizing markdowns that are tailored to local buyer behavior. Dynamic pricing offers an opportunity to maximize margin, sell-through, and inventory value while addressing the common fallacies of ?Too much Too soon? causing stock outs & margin loss or ?Too little Too late? causing excess stock & impacting new product sales

    Our experts can help:
    1. Increase sales and gross margins with a proactive approach to optimizing price, promotion and markdown strategies.
    2. Increase promotion profit?ability.
    3. Set the right price for every product in every store.
    4. Identify opportunities to adjust prices to boost the profitability of individual products
    5. Encourage customers to shift from purchasing low-margin products to high-margin products.
    6. Tailor promotions and prices to increase customer loyalty and profits.
    7. Maximize in-stock positions by supporting replenishment systems with store-level demand forecasts.
Retail Analytics Expert
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