Master Data and Information Management
Master Data and Information Management
  • Data Lakes

    The growing role of big data and analytics places a certain challenge for enterprises. The exponential growth of information from diverse sources in various formats and quality presents a problem in the management of information and its utilization, and data warehousing itself.

    With the increasing number of customer touch-points and a myriad of new sources of business data, data migration from traditional sources, Web Logs (unstructured data) and Data Warehouses to Hadoop clusters. Setting up Data Lakes is necessitated to leverage Data generated from legacy Transactional systems as well as Digital data from social media in real-time or near real-time.

    Our experts can help you to:
    • Create a reservoir for enterprise, social, and device information
    • Develop a scalable storage, compute, and access data layer
    • Build the agility of absorbing data of any type/scale and processing that data for different business needs
    • Enable data governance and enterprise-wide access controls
    • Reduce the time to access and locate data to accelerate preparation and reuse
    • Convert digital data noise into inspired insights
    • Manage you Master Data Management and Data Integration requirements effectively
    • Help you build crucial and customized data assets to achieve smarter, faster and effective decision making
    • Data Architecture and Engineering
    • Data Quality Management
Master Data and Information Management Expert
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